Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oklahoma Movie Makers Meeting

I had never attended this meeting before. I belong to the group, but I never attended. I approached them about entering their film into the Festival, and I decided to venture into their turf.

The meetings are now held at the Circle Cinema. I arrived early, and immediately found the vibe. The people began to flow in. It was very organized, and well maintained; I could not have done that. They ran through the business of the day, and then the attention was turned toward me. I was allowed my speech and people listened. I received many contacts from this meeting, both for the Festival and for Solid. Despite their involvement with those Bones people, I understand that they are trying to work in an environment that I have left behind, for reasons of ethics, professionalism and vision. They will find their own way.

All in all...good people. I enjoyed it enough to make a return trip or two. I now have the potential for more artists to participate in the Festival, I have more opportunity to gain exposure and I have more chances for obtaining film entries. I also have more options for actors and actresses, as well as two possible sets for the feature film.

Captain out.


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