Friday, September 16, 2005

Fall Shoot for Solid - Supplemental

The actual shoot will begin, as I said, in the Autumn and colorful days of October or November. The first shoot will be in Hydro, Oklahoma at Lucille's, a historic location on Route 66. This destination is two and half hours away, so everything must be 100%. Only the two actors, myself and a small crew of one, maybe two or three people will be on location. It will be shot in one day, and plenty of footage will be taken. My goal here is to avoid a return visit.

Amidst this shoot, I am planning my black background scenes. I have the option to shoot during the evening at the first of Thanksgiving week, which means I will be asleep before I even have the chance to eat any turkey.

My planned equipment for the Hydro shoot will be a Focal Super 8mm camera, Cokin Type 20 Blue Filter, tripod, bounce boards and I am unsure, at this point, if I will record live sound.


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