Wednesday, September 14, 2005


In the continuing struggle to find press and support for the Festival, I have encountered another trouble area, Microcinemascene. Ordinarily, this place does well with its support, but I found my patience, of which I have plenty, tested to the point that I began a quite understandable repetition of e-mails to gain attention to the Call-For-Entries; it does not work if people do not know about it! So, I began...and this is what I received in return:


Please arrest the shocking amount of email you've been sending us to
your event. We've been inundated with recent news for a number of
moviemakers and will post your announcement as soon as possible.

That was July 26th. Still, we have not been posted. The "alleged" news that was creating such a bottleneck must not have been as bad as it was originally thought to be, since days and days would go by before anything else was posted to the site. I did as I was asked...until today, the day before the Deadline...and I wrote, "nevermind"...and we are done.


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