Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fae's Gig

We were excited by another chance performance for Fae's wonderful music. She has dedicated so much time to strengthening her songcraft, developing new styles and songs, and even reviving a few from yesteryear. I have watched her immerse herself into her music over the past few months, and I am very proud.

The first gig was staged and performed at a coffeehouse on Brookside. The owner, herself, was on hand, and the evening was very successful. Fae's performance was amazing!

Last night was poised to be another night of music and friends, and it was well received by those who were in attendance. Despite the support of family and friends, this will be her last show at this venue; I will not schedule her there again.

There are nice people in Tulsa. There are outstanding people in Tulsa. However, the majority are either rude and inconsiderate, or otherwise totally oblivious to the fact, if not a combination of all three. The people came in, blocked the aisle, talked over everything without a simple recognition to the young talent in the corner. Why do people do this?

I will say this, in defense of those patrons of this establishment on that noise-filled night, it was not their behavior that offered the greatest insult. In fact, the most noise and disruption came from the staff, including the very same person who booked the gig! Her friends came to visit, and all of them laughing to such a degree that the rude middle-aged crowd paled in comparison. The other thing, was that the staff felt the need to slam doors and cabinets so loud that we could feel them! This was not necessary and was not done at the first gig.

I refused to pay money for anything that evening, and I made sure that Fae did not pay for her drink. I have higher standards than this, especially for Fae, and I do not feel this is unreasonable. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am fair and forgiving, but I will not support this establishment again. Fae deserves better, and I will not insult her art by scheduling her there again.

So, if you are ever on Brookside, go somewhere else for coffee!


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