Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Todd Roberts

I met with Todd Roberts today, on his return to Oklahoma. He spent three weeks in New Orleans documenting damage in one of the historic hotels of the French Quarter. I met him at Tally's to acquire a new copy of his film submission, Guilt Complex. Todd is one of only two participants with feature films this year, and he will be available for questions at the Festival.

Todd challenged my decision to enter his film. He is not as proud of this film, and he questioned my intent to "enter the film" to simply fill space. As I explained, that is not the way I operate. The Festival is more important to me than that, and I see this lack of professionalism and respect toward the filmmakers in some of the surrounding film festivals here. I choose to elevate myself above that.

Guilt Complex is not the greatest film out there. The acting is not the best and there are sketchy audio issues. The film does have good production quality; the lighting, editing and pacing of the film is well done. The other thing that makes this film relevant, aside from the local aspect, is that it was shot for under three hundred dollars! That is a testament, in itself, to independent filmmaking. As with every other film out there, I believe the audience should decide. Even the worst film has its own audience.


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