Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tulsa State Fair: A Film Realized

I have always loved the Fair, the food, the smells, the sound and, of course - the visual! Naturally, this led to a desire to shoot a film project at the Fair. I may have that chance.

The logistical problems are plentiful. Not only do you have logos everywhere that must be exempt from any scene, you have the added obstacle of hundreds of faces, all without consent forms! The solution? Aside from clever and careful shots, my intention is to shoot the subject close-up or stationed in the foreground , and blur the background. Although the goal is obvious, if a failure occurs and we have unwanted images, we have the digital post-production option (Thanx, Bret!). It will be an experiment, so stay tuned!

The script is a loosely written text titled "Chasing a Rainbow". It will involve three characters played by Derick Snow, Bret Mix and myself. Only two characters will be on-screen at any moment, so Bret will also operate the camera. It will be natural and existing light, no bounce boards and sound will be dubbed later. A soundtrack might be produced for background fills.

At the present time, we are looking at either Saturday or Sunday. This will be my second time to attend, and my last for quite some time.


  • Great endeavor! I can appreciate the challenges of "guerilla" filmmaking. We too shot a documentary about 5 years ago about the Tennesse Walking Horse Celebration held yearly in August, and the challenges were enormous!! Good luck!! D Pitts/In Yo Face Productions

    By Blogger In Yo Face Productions, at 6:00 AM  

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