Friday, October 07, 2005

What happened?

Work is a waste of my time, however, the society imposed upon us, in this American excess parade, leaves us with little or no choice in regards to work and how we live.

I immediately felt the unnecessary tension in the air this morning, so I escaped to one corner or the other whenever possible. I was returning from Building Two, walking the pavement between buildings, when I stopped and looked up at the parting of the overcast gray. The blue was so rich and alive against the drab surroundings, and its intensity added texture and vibrance to the leading edge of the parting cloud surface. It hit me at that moment; I have gazed at this sky so many time, especially at work, but today it hit me I said to myself, "I am a dreamer. What am I doing here?" I reluctantly continued inside.

Thi$ i$ your America! Everything i$ dollar$ and cent$, exce$$ and money!

I felt like a shackled and chained bird, in a room with a window. I could see other birds, outside, but I was stopped short of the window by my chain.


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