Sunday, May 21, 2006

Late Afternoon on a Saturday: Final Fitting of the Phoenix

With Paulette leaving next week for California, I had established a couple of dates for the final fitting and delivery of the Phoenix costume. These dates, of course, have changed; they are: the final fitting was changed from yesterday, Friday, to today, and the delivery of the costume will be next Tuesday, the 23rd instead of Monday, the 22nd.

The Fear costume will wait until her return.

Fae and I drove mere minutes from our home to the TCC South Campus and to the Costume Shop. The dress portion is nearly complete and is currently in two pieces. Final fitting took place, whereas Fae asked questions and discussed things of a theatrical nature, from one theater pro to another. The skirt had to be slipped, carefully, over her head and the top was easily positioned over her front and secured by pins. I documented the progress with photographs.

The design is amazing, the craftsmanship is amazing and thus the visual of the Phoenix in this film...will be amazing.


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