Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shooting Scenes That Are Nowhere in the Script

Bret and I met at 71st and Lewis, on a day that reminded me of the trip Fae and I took to Colorado. I had little sleep the night before, and the light weighed heavy on my eyes.

We proceeded to 61st and Memorial. In a shopping center there, I pointed out a sublevel courtyard I found years ago. It is a place I wanted to utilize for a scifi film of some sort. It is unused, almost abandoned and out of sight.

Bret and I set up a shot near and on the stairwell leading down to the courtyard itself. On the spot, I created a doppleganger sequence, whereas I see myself, at the top of the stairs, staring down at me as I stand at the base of the stairs. We achieved a breathtaking shot of me at the top of the stairs, the buildings and structures framed perfectly on either side and the deep blue cloud-laden sky in the central background. One of my favorite cinematic techniques is to capture simple and natural movement in the surroundings at hand, such as clouds.

I also told Bret, that I wanted to employ a whip zoom effect, much like the technique used in many television shows and films of the Sixties and Seventies. Switching the camera zoom to Manual from Servo, we achieved just that!

Our next stop was the abandoned mall. The Food Court contained many interesting elements that created some fascinating shots...mirrors and water, Adam sitting alone at a room full of empty tables, walking the abandoned corridor...each scene offering a different insight into the journey of this character.

One scene involved Bret descending in an elevator, a poor man's [camera] crane if you will. As he performed the same scene in reverse, thus ascending, the elevator began to grind and shake violently. Bret left the ailing lift car in a hurry, and that was the last take we took!


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