Monday, May 08, 2006

North Yale Auto Salvage

I have always held a special corner in my inner self, a love for junk yards. I have many exciting visuals that continue to run through my imagination and daydream playgrounds. Visiting such a place for this film brought much joy into my day.

I had scouted this location almost a year ago. I contacted the owner and spoke with him about the possibility of shooting the scene for Identity. He seemed open to the idea then, and he seemed equally open the thought of it as I regained the line of communication. I set up a date, and today, I drove North on Highway 75 to meet with him.

He was quite busy. I was allowed to roam about, freely, and so I did. I brought the digital camera and I proceeded to document different angles and points of interest while dodging goats and deep rain puddles.

Although I really wanted more stacks of automobiles to walk between, I found a few areas that will work for the scene.

The problem factors for this shoot will be power for our lights, flying insects and weather. I may have to acquire a generator and several hundred feet of extension cord. The lights will attract every flying nuisance imagined, and if we can escape the rain for awhile, we will escape the knee-high puddles of water.


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