Sunday, May 21, 2006

Serious Events to Take Place: Knuckling Down and Making Plans with Derick Snow

Established as of now...the proposed warp date is now Sunday, June 11th, 2006.

After Mayfest, Fae and I joined Derick and Jes at the coolest coffeehouse in Tulsa, Saffron at the 11th and Harvard area. We sipped iced coffee drinks amidst music and a complete lack of drama. The reason for our meeting was simple: the film!

Bret is still unable to pursue much of his cinematography duties due to scheduling and personal issues, so that is where Derick has come in. I want and need this film's completion. With recent events, our exodus from the confines of Tulsa Hell may soon be over. I wanted to make plans and set things in motion, acquire dates and from that, make my schedule. Once again, Derick will act and become D.P. for portions of the film.

My new goal for Sunday evening? Write that schedule.


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