Sunday, March 25, 2007

No Confidence

I am in the mood again, the mood to speak out against the injustice I am seeing in this country, and no one has eyes to see it. Our art and our culture are suffering, choking, and we are happy to stay in the wooly warmth of our dead minds. I work with dozens of people who allow themselves to be ordinary, they talk about work on their off time, and when anything remotely un-American crosses their path, they frown. I view myself as part of a world, not a country. A country has nothing, without people. A country is not a government, it is the sum of its people. I have no confidence in this country, or its ability to represent its people, their art and their culture. I see a diverse expansion of music and ideas that bridge over hatred and prejudice, and people from all over the world can unite together for the greater good of its expression, its life blood. Our government seeks other avenues of more literal fortune. The works of these inspiring performers fall upon deaf ears...


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