Sunday, March 25, 2007

Positive Advance against the decay of Decaying Minds

As stupid as the American public is (MTV, talk shows, reality television, Britney, Lindsay, Paris), I do feel optimistic that there are those people out there that care for and create art, in its many forms. Even minorities can make a difference, and it is to that spirit that I add this glimmer of hope, as told by example.

This rotted testament to the decay of America, MySpace (and its siblings YouTube, Google, Yahoo and many more), has provided a forum for free thought to the literal millions of people, worldwide, and in particular, America, in the form of a video community. You would think that, if given this new power, thespians, poets, directors, musicians, activists and the like would unleash the power of truth and inner soul that comes from the complex dimensions of the human enigma...but, alas...we have "Tiffany and Kia at the mall", "Drunk again...and dancing?", "Bar Escapades Part 1", "Two Sexy Blondes" or "The Big Booty Duo!!" - please note that these are actual titles taken from real wasted people wasting their time.

So in response to the ordinary and wasted idiots that thrive here, I am proud to say that I, as well as many others, have created a positive presence on the web. The Blue November MicroFilmFest is in its fourth year of going against the grain, and we continue to seek out artists with integrity and vision. Being able to counteract the piles of garbage that are consistently posted on the Net, by posting actual works of value and merit created by some of the most intriguing minds I have known...well, that makes me pretty damn happy! Click below to see something on MySpace of actual worth:

Blue November MicroFilmFest on MySpace

If you scan through my "Friends" list, you will see that I don't add worthless individuals like that Twila Taquito chic (who actually thinks she can sing?); I add people of value. In addition to friends, I add people or organizations such as Purgatory House, Green Bean Coffeehouse, BlueTree.Org, Autumn Shade, Fae, Greenpeace and many more. So check them out. See what else is out on the web besides videos of some girl's ass!


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