Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Asphalt Canvas"

I am creating monsters...

...I am my old self, tired and mad, but I am myself and that gives me the energy I need to manifest the demons of creativity. As I near the end of one cycle, a new one is beginning.

"Solid" is a few scenes away. The dilemma is that I have so many notes from so many variations to the script, interpretations if you will, that occurred during the course of shooting. I am toying with the idea of shooting in Victoria, BC as well as Seattle. The scenes are few, but the real challenge is to refine everything to the point that it will have the desired impact.

And now...we enter a new stage! I have reworked a few ideas on an older feature film script, and I am currently researching material for a film with the working title "Asphalt Canvas". This will be a Super 8 production from start to finish, it will be by-the-seat-of-the-pants all the way and it will feature an array of local (Tulsa and Seattle) unknown bands on the soundtrack, perhaps with a composer for the score. It will be a film of social and political importance, as well as being a kick-ass car movie! As I said, I am researching several different things right now, I'm trying to do some scouting and casting, and I plan to hold auditions in the months to come.

I am loosed upon frames, melting with the emulsion...


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