Sunday, April 01, 2007

"Solid" - Finishing a Feature Film

As I prepare to begin anew on another quest for the cinematic process, I must not forget the unfinished, "Solid", and my potential feature film debut. It had begun with a properly planned and well-executed shoot in November of '05, and the attempt at recreating the same scenario often failed. This is the reason that filmmakers like myself are a unique breed, and when other filmmakers want to clarify themselves as said "filmmakers" by talking through their ego about shot lists and production assistants and budgets and incentives and such, I just have to curl a smile and look them in the eye, shake my head and walk away - they have no idea!

The shoot is almost complete, about eighty-five percent complete I would say. We shot, on and off, for the next year leading up to just two days prior to our departure to Washington State. Another shoot did not take place until December of '06, when I shot the "Theater" scenes at Circle Cinema in Tulsa, during our X-Mas return.

Now, I have the drive and the platform for a unique film, and I am growing accustomed to what the Northwest has to offer. And, as I go forward, "Solid" becomes even more important.

I have to review the script, reacquaint myself, and decide if I will reshoot any scenes I didn't like or that I left out. Many people don't understand the balance between having a vision and applying said vision. Sometimes we have to alter the scene due to circumstance, or leave one out altogether. As long as we weigh the value of these sections of the story, and they can be altered or removed without detracting from the storyline, then we have options. These options save time and money.

So I am here, reading through a script I have not seen in about six months, and I continue to attempt the creation of magic!


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