Friday, April 13, 2007

Ninety Percent of All Children Have Been Bullied - Thanks Conservative/Religious Testosterone-driven America!

I saw a recent article that stated over ninety percent of all children in school at some time or another have been bullied. Let us think back to that day in Columbine, when two kids were pushed too far and did the unthinkable...wait a fuckin' minute! Unthinkable?!?! What they did was far from right, but what is so unthinkable about a person being pushed and pushed and pushed to the limit, forcing them, especially if they are unstable, to act?!?!?! The jocks and the coaches played it off like they did nothing..."no...we didn't push them around!" Bull-fucking-shit!!! I was in high school. The only thing worse than the jocks are the coaches! Our religious conservative state of America dictates that men are strong and men rule, by force! If you are in doubt, look at our current foreign policy. Only the strong survive, right? Then when someone is pushed to the limits, and they act, it's the fault of the closest scapegoat - Marilyn Manson, movies, or video games. At least that's what the Bible Bangers let me explain this to you!

Listening to music doesn't make me violent, or angry, or depressed. It calms me, and it makes me happy. If you have someone in my face, pushing me around or hitting me...that makes me want to beat the shit of them! Do the math!


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