Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Intrinsic Beauty of 8-Track Tapes

People think I am against technology or that I am anti-modern or some shit like that, but that is the simpleton mind of the mediocre individual, although 'individual' is giving too much credit in this day and age. That is why that idiot told me I was wasting my time with Super 8 film when "digital can give me the crappy look of film". I've been getting strange looks again, as I begin to search for 8-track tapes and players for my 74 Beetle.

The first rant I have is about individuality. I don't like having something that everyone else does, which is pretty much the way everyone else lives! Like that auto classified ad where the woman is selecting her car online, and there are all these red Mustangs driving up to her house, and she says, "that one!" like it makes a difference, and the image of all these red Mustangs reminded of Tulsa. The only thing missing was all the half-dressed teen hoochie mamas and their attitudes and Mardi Gras beads hanging from the rear view mirror. I like to have something no one else, or at least very few people have. It's so easy with antiquated technology, or anything retro that hasn't been overdone by the latest in mindless fad recycling. If we could get theses losers to recycle waste in the same manner their bored, lame asses recycle the past, we wouldn't have to worry about the environment!

My second rant is about the music scene today, none of which excites me. I often forget that I am 33...or is it 34? Whatever...the point is, it is easy to say "you're old and out of touch", but as much as I hate to break it to you, the scene just sucks! There is nothing going on right now of much value. The alt-country folk scene is probably the best we have, but there are so many damn indie bands that lack originality and they are flooding the internet. It's difficult to find anything unique, and that's why I travel back, back to where there wasn't a hundred different albums of junk, podcasts of the same song repeated live in equal parts of the same venues...or downloads. Downloads kill the idea of music. You can't touch it, or see can hear it, and yes, I too have thought of one of those mp3 players, but I hate how unnecessarily complicated modern music is. Why can't I have an album, and just that album? No media or internet data links, just music!

When my Beetle is ready, I'll climb in to my brown seats, sit back and start the engine, rest my feet on the shag carpet floor mats and reach down toward the orange carpet and pick up a tape...pop it in the deck, and shift into gear. Rush, T Rex, Nazereth, Montrose, Deep's all there and unfiltered, uncluttered by the unnecessary bullshit of a society that can't slow down. Yeah, they'll look at me funny, but they will forever remain curious about what lies behind the smile on my face. Alas, it is not for them.


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