Thursday, August 09, 2007


I decided on a new approach to the transfer of my short film projects. Recent information led me to a local transfer house here in Seattle, but they charge $300/hour. A bit pricey for a ten minute short film. So I am going to try this place in Texas called Moviestuff. They have developed a machine that allegedly performs amazing transfers at $20 per 50 foot reel. Let's do the math: a ten minute film would take about a half hour to transfer here in Seattle, so that's $150...I can do the same at Moviestuff at an estimate of $60. That saves me $90, and considering my film developing costs are about $100, then I have the film wrapped up well under $200, instead of over. Sounds like a deal to me.

They offer a free trial reel...and it just so happens that I have a couple of shorts that are entirely on reel!


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