Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Feature: Budget

I've spent considerable man hours away from this production due to the ebb and flow of being an emotionally-driven human being and the fact that I have felt like bloody hell! Now I am back, still tired, but working again.

I jotted a few things down today in regards to the film's budget, considering a low probable estimate of my expected bonuses and next year's tax return. I have come to the ballpark figure of $5000.

After reviewing the fact that the first trio of automobiles will be seen briefly, as with all of the vehicles besides that of the main character, I have decided that I will find volunteer vehicles instead of trying to purchase them. I have allowed $1000 for the purchase of the one vehicle, but I may try to find a loaner for this as well.

The helicopter shot is still in question, but if used, I am going to try to arrange the shot within one hour, thus cutting the cost in half.

On the other hand, I decide to purchase three hours worth of film as opposed to the two hours originally planned. The reason is that, no matter how careful you are, before you know it you've ripped through twenty cartridges for a ten minute scene. This increases my film cost from $600 to $900.

Another change doesn't effect the budget, but it is significant. Instead of reversal stock, I may choose to shoot in the three available Super 8 negative stocks. This will eliminate the need for me to edit by hand, but I think that is the best choice for this film.

The people responding to the unofficial casting call is tremendous; I will have much to choose from. I hope to have the audition in either November or December, and then begin shooting by February or March.


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