Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Festival of '07 and Five Years in Review

This year, was our fifth year of creating a space for the visionary and a home for the overlooked and the unseen; it is far from over, and we are only beginning. Seattle is new to us, as we are to this city. We are established, and we are growing. Among the achievements this year, we had a featured artist that didn't flake out on us! Among the disappointments were the small turnouts and a few incidents of negativity. We met some fascinating people, people who will remain with us, and that is why we continue every year.

My many splendored compliments and eternal gratitude go to the following:

Lisa and Hayden and the staff at the Green Bean Coffee House - the kindness and open arms are beyond my capacity for words, yet I will always try!

Sabine and Essence Dance Company - Sabine and Gwen and all the other girls were spectacular, as were the drummers. This brought a little magic to the Festival of '07, and everyone was beautiful! My special thanx to the drummers for humoring me and my poetic misadventures.

John Morse - a humble talent is always welcome at the Festival, and I appreciated his patience and his song. Thank you, John.

Erin Dodge and Static on Trial - I honestly believe Erin promoted the Fest more than I, and the band's dedication and presence remain with me.

Randy and Jennifer - meeting fellow filmmakers is always a gem, but finding kindred spirits is immeasurable.

Ghostship - despite the fact that their set was only one night, they attended both nights. Despite the demands of the venue, they came. Despite the fact that their friends flaked and they played to a minimal crowd, they still played! Rawk on, Ghostship!

And to Fae...her music, her art and her belief in the dreams of a shaggy-haired dreamer born in a different time, she has become as much a part of this Festival as I am.

Thanx to everyone who came, if even for a little while. I appreciate what we accomplished, and who came together to accomplish it. We had negativity in the form of disrespect toward Lindokhule Mnyandu's film; all I can say, is...thank you, as well! I do not apologize for a film not being to one's liking, or to the impatient man who asked, "how much longer?" I thank these people for reminding me of how valuable a gift a film can be, or art or music. It is also reminds me of how easily human beings can fail at being good and kind souls.

Five years is a great accomplishment. I am proud of everything that we have done, and I know that we have only scratched the surface. In five years, we launched a film and arts festival, created colleagues and found new friends, and we have offered encouragement and support; we took the negative of what others lacked and bested their alleged achievements and pretense with a new form of success. Keep in mind we have never taken any kind of money for entry fees or admission. We gave back the film festival, to the dreamers and the storytellers.


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