Monday, October 29, 2007

Moped Bunnies, Accordions and the Zodiac

Sunday I make way for Ballard, trying to find more space for posters. I drive down to 24th (???) and park across from the dry docked "Starlight" and a public pier. I walk to and fro, finding the friendly ear in the usual few and limited places. I do manage to diminish my stock of posters.

I began walking the crosswalk with this cat that begins talking, in a cool way, and he tells me about crossing the street and how short the 'Walk' sign is and how he was harassed by some cop because it turned while he was in the middle of the street. The bunnies were riding mopeds...full, white fluffy suits of people with bunny-eared helmets riding Vespa ripoffs, and their anthem was the Skeet Ulrich impersonator in the French suit playing the accordion. Aside from that, it was any other day.

I always have a hard time judging the right place. Many businesses were closed, some were too busy and full of people, while others give you that 'vibe' of unfriendliness.

I couldn't pass up a chance to stop at the Lock Spot, and so I did. Alas, no beer for me. I did drop a poster, however. I love the locks and it was a magical day for this sea lovin' cat stranded on land! The main lock was brimming full of thirty boats or more, all returning from the sea. There were sailboats, pleasure boats and working boats. One boat captivated everyone's attention more than any of the others: the Zodiac! This beautiful two-masted 132 foot schooner was brilliant, and she stole the show. There must have been over 200 people, watching. When it came time for her Skipper to take her beyond the gates, she floated forward like liquid wind, with all the grace of a wise and aged whale.

My day was over, I was spent, and I had to land. Sigh....


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