Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yesterday and Today

I took time off yesterday. Originally, I planned to visit Salumi, and have fine meat products and stand in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain. Instead, I'm broke. My day becomes more of a long and productive day...did I mention long?

First, my visit to the Greenwood Senior Center to pay my rental fee, sign a rental agreement and learn the ropes as far as opening and closing the joint is concerned. Great people!

From there, I mosey down to the U-District, and I meet with Adam from the Advanced Propulsion Labs. If I didn't have enough to do or think about, I'm also designing a personal submersible. I jumped at the opportunity to speak with someone directly about the topic, and I learned a great many things from our conversation. Although my direction is a bit different from his, Adam is a great guy, and he was very patient and informative. I really enjoyed the tour of the Department of Oceanography.

My next stop was 911 Media Center. I really enjoyed the personable nature of both Ian and the staff at 911. I have been to other like establishments and they exhibit that "I'm an artist and I elevate myself above you" attitude, or the "I'm my own little universe" attitude that is unbecoming of artists anywhere. That was missing at 911 Media Center. I was given the tour and they accepted my poster with more enthusiasm than the other place I speak of (I may blog about this at a future date). The facility was more than pleasing, and I have chosen this location as my choice for renting cameras, editing and as an audition space.

I packed up and headed toward Capital Hill. I walked the stretch toward that "other media establishment", and then down to Broadway. I posted where I could and then I found myself around the corner from the Harvard Exit Theater, and one Mr. Karl Krogstad. I phoned, he answered and I was soon climbing five flights of stairs. Per our last conversation, I dubbed my first two short films onto a VHS tape for his viewing, and now I handed that tape to him in person. I left a poster. He gave a phone number of an Aussie with a camera. The Festival will be documented.

I eagerly left Seattle and its unseasonable mid-October heat. I vowed to take the bus in the future.

Today I received a phone call from the cameraman who will document the event. In addition, I had a date to keep.

I met with Hayden at the Green Bean to discuss the Fest and its inner workings. We established the layout, additional artwork placement, the placement of our featured artist, occupancy and noise levels. We even devised a Festival drink! I left shortly after our meeting, and I missed our young Anna by about twenty minutes. She called me while I was driving, so I pulled over and spoke with her. She is excited to be a part of this event, and we are honoured to have her.


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