Sunday, October 21, 2007

Seattle at 7am, the Clipper, Pike Place, an empty Pioneer Square and No Money

I am broke. I am not penniless, but if I was missing "Bohemia", then this is it! It's all a part of the mindset. So, our trips to Victoria have been infrequent as of late. Fae's gal pal Melody came up with the scratch to afford the Clipper, the high-priced and only option for this time of year (I say high-priced, but I guess $50-60 one way is not all that bad!) for Fae, so she could see her friend and make some musical mayhem. I am happy to see Fae able to go, and I wanted nothing more than to accompany her to the ferry terminal.

It was a chilly morning. I took advantage of the situation and brought the essentials of "poster advertising": folder full of posters, stapler, clear tape and provisions. Let me give you a rundown on the postering scene, at least how I see it. In Tulsa, I spent an entire, chilling eve postering telephone poles along 11th Street and parts of Brookside. When I drove by the next day, all of them were gone. We went to a few businesses in Fremont last year, but I decided that I should do more this year. I also decided that posters on telephone polls and the like are not the way to go! I just feel it is a wasted effort that lends itself to polluting the already polluted, and if a business owner agrees to host your poster, then they can more properly dispose of it (hopefully, through recycling!). You can also choose those establishments that support what you do.

After the Clipper IV departed in choppy waters, I began walking back toward Pike Place. I arrived at La Paniere for coffee and a croissant. After my breakfast, I entered Pike Place and the main market area as people were setting up. It was barely after 8am. I maneuvered down into the lower levels, seeing a clean and empty underworld. The thing I like about it most, is that I could totally film scenes down there with no interruption. I brought the old digital camera to take photographs, only the battery doesn't hold its charge anymore and my images were cut short. I found an absence of posters in windows. I found one poster board that had an open slot, so I stapled a poster there.

Upon arriving at the surface again, I went for my favorite salmon piroshky, and wandered about looking for possibilities. You can kind of tell from the looks, the demeanor and the actions of people whether or not they are open to your solicitation. I am not a salesman; I am an artist and a humble soul. I finally decided another cup of java was in order, so I stopped at Local Color. It was there that I learned from a very kind woman that Pike Place has a rule about posters in windows due to its historic stature; fair enough! Despite the conflict of interest (a coffee house displaying a poster of another coffee house venue), she agreed to display the poster in the back. I finished my Americano and left. I decided against posters in any of the zillion Starbuck's locations; I don't even want to be associated with them. My travels took me to Lark in the Morning and Pike Place Brewery. I was very much in need of a pint, yet I refrained and saved my funds; I was surprised that they did not have a place for posters. I moved on down the hall to Lark in the morning, a fun little music store for the folk hipster. I missed Fae's phone call while talking to the owner; he agreed to post the flyer closer to November, and I moved down the hall to a bench to return Fae's call. As I moved toward the end of the hall, I passed the young man from Lark in the Morning step outside and throw something away; I hope it wasn't my poster. Outside, I stapled a poster to the dividing wall of a construction site.

Before I left, I walked a block or two east of the Market, looking for potential targets. I chose Swerve Music and Movies, despite their lack of posters. Although reluctant at first, he not only taped the Festival promotion to the glass, he also took Fae's gig poster for the 26th! I highly recommend checking them out! Check out the information below:

Local Color
1606 Pike Place
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 728-1717

Lark in the Morning
1411 1st Ave 1401
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 623-3440

Swerve Music & Movies Inc
1535 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 382-6151

I began the walk toward Pioneer Square. I thought I would find more potential here, alas it was not too far removed from the Market. I found Chris from Cuttysark both interested in the Festival and sharing my lament over not being able to attend the Work Boat Show at Lake Union. I searched the Square. I planted a flyer at Elliot Bay Books, Synapse 206 and Utilikilts. The idea is to find like minds and support them. I absolutely love Cuttysark, and I plan on buying a Utilikilt at some point. So, please check out these locations as well:

Cuttysark Nautical Antiques
320 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104-2506
(206) 262-1265

Synapse 206 Boutique
206 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 447-7731

Utilikilts Company LLC
Pioneer Square Store
620 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 282-4226

After this, my joints were in pain from the dampness of the rain and the chill; it was becoming difficult to walk. I made the decision to make my way back to Third and Union and thusly back to Bothell.

My future plans involve postering the University District on Tuesday, where I plan to meet an amateur submariner, and then on to Capital Hill. While in Capital Hill, I hope to meet up with Mr. Karl Krogstad, and maybe do a little window shopping at Metro Clothing. My original plans for Salumi have been canceled due to lack of funds.

As the weekend approaches, although I may be working, my plans are to pepper Greenwood, Fremont and Ballard with the last of the posters.

My evening concluded with aspirin and flipping channels between Mythbusters and Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Fae returns tomorrow, and I look forward to the upcoming weeks!


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