Saturday, November 24, 2007

WFTM: Bothell Construction/Guerilla Filmmaking

I have held on to the last foot and a half of b/w film in my camera for the past few months, waiting for the best possible time in which to lay down that final shot. The last few shots are in color, and since my Sankyo is the only camera I have [currently] without any doubts or questionable afflictions, I had to wait until I used this last scrap of black and white before the switch to the new Ektachrome 64T color reversal from Kodak. I am anxious to see how it works for me.

We kept the light levels to about the same as my last shoot, which was static footage of the cancerous construction in and around Bothell. Although we tried to return to the same location, parking was an issue and so we returned, back into Bothell and north on Bothell-Everett to another site, where we pulled off the road and set up the shot hand-held, claiming three takes before the roll of film expired.

The cold has become an issue. Two more outdoor takes are needed to complete this film. At present, I am sure that we are going to shoot at St. Edwards Park in Kenmore, and the beaches of Shilshole Bay. Aside from that, we may actually be finished!

The Kurosawa Short Film Competition will begin again soon. If the theme remains the same or similar, I will be able to have the film completed in time.


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