Sunday, October 07, 2007

Helluva Good Day!

So, just as I am lamenting over the lack of substance in this world, particularly art, I get a jolt of the most welcome kind. I had been thinking back to chilly Autumn nights at the Tulsa State Fair, eating corn dogs and walking the sea of lights and sounds, and listening to "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard blast from a nearby ride. In Seattle, I am remembering the sounds of Grunge before the record industry dickheads got a hold of it and ruined it. I'm listening to "Hunger Strike", thinking to myself, "where did all this magic go?"

Through the course of last week, I have been in contact with several different people, converging on yesterday's meeting at Green Bean. There was John Morse, Eric, Rummy and Feleisha, and soon thereafter, Sabine. John is a super talent on acoustic guitar, and he has agreed to play the Fest this year. Eric and Rummy are the duo behind my new favorite band, Ghostship, also on this years bill. Sabine is head of the Essence Dance Company, which is our opening act. Static on Trial (formerly Tragedy Averted) are set to play, and Anna Zaytseva has agreed to exhibit her paintings. I am awaiting word from Mecca Normal as to whether they will be able to attend. Throughout the course of the meeting, my biggest concern was put to rest when my new colleagues offered other potential artist to the table, including Feleisha. The meeting was very successful.

Later that evening, I had the chance to be on the guest list for Ghostships show at the Bit Saloon in Ballard. I immediately felt at home. Many of the metal joints in the Midwest reflect a counterculture, grimy aesthetic that creates an unmistakable atmosphere. Moreover, it is just rock and roll bohemia when it comes down to it. The bar was rough around the edges and one of a kind. Good beer, Elvira pinball machine, makeshift patio, cigarette machines and an 80's pin-up on the bathroom wall rounded out the interior. The place actually had a computer wired for internet, and the computer looked like it was straight out of '93!

I had a blast hanging with new friends and making even more, and I love the Bit! I feel like music IS alive again, in the corner pocket of a Seattle suburb named Ballard.


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