Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Shape of Things to Come - Cinema

It started with Blair Witch; a couple hundred thousand, if memory serves me correctly, to make a cinematic phenomenon.

In more recent occurrences, Open Water is made for $10,000, appearing on screens everywhere. Later that year, a Sundance favorite makes a big screen debut. Primer was made for $7000 and was an incredible film with a well-written storyline! What next?

This is my prediction....

You see the trend, right? I do not have every example here, but more and more films are being produced with more reasonable amounts of money. Current film budgets are ridiculous, creating a false impression for aspiring filmmakers.

Even though I am not a fan, the digital medium offers an even more affordable option. One step further: digital has arrived to the point where the frame rate matches film. What does that mean? Digital works can be transferred to 35mm motion picture film!

My prediction is that low-cost films will have their respective fifteen minutes. My first feature film, Solid, has a projected budget of $1000, even with film. So raise a glass!

To the breath and wind of artists...may they always fill our sails!


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