Saturday, October 08, 2005

Starbucks Meeting

I raced home again, and prepared myself for another film related meeting. This time, I would meet Bret at the same location to hand over the films he will combine into DVD's for the Festival screening. We were to meet with two possible Judges, as well.

Just as I am walking out the door, Bret calls me. He is unable to make it due to a family emergency.

I meet with Robin Cravens of the local improv group Super Ovum, and Charles Elmore, a local filmmaker. The meeting is successful, and I acquire the information needed to make my decision after I meet with a few more hopefuls. Devon Brewster even made an appearance to drop off the entry form for his submission and to pick up the DVD we were not able to enter into the Fest.

I returned home to watch bad hairmetal videos with my beloved tea drinking partner, and I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation until 3am.


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