Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another Meeting

I met this last week, with Bret, Derick and Jes, to discuss the current situation of the film. We are in a very good situation considering the state and nature of events, as they are. My new schedule gives us a realistic outlook on the task ahead, while allowing for flexibility.

We met at the usual Starbuck's on 71st near Riverside. Bret has had so many misfortunes as of late, and today was no exception. Although, many new developments have opened doors in the optimistic spectrum, Bret was informed of new trouble brewing on the horizon, and his visit was cut short. I was able to offer him a script revision, and inform him of the new plans.

As Bret left, Derick and Jes arrived. I was able to speak with them about the same situation.

As of the middle of this last week, I have updated my Working Script, and I have created the Remaining Script. The latter is the remaining segments we have left to complete, with any black background studio shots emphasized in bold. Out of a fifty-seven page script, an astonishing thirty-five pages remain! It seems worse than it actually is. This new schedule and the urgency that follows it will carry us through. I have Derick's commitment as cinematographer, Jes' assistance on all levels, and the greatest film professionals, the likes of which Oklahoma film will never know, or understand.


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