Monday, May 29, 2006

Fae, Mother and the Phoenix

I had planned to accomplish two Chapters today...alas, only one. The day was very productive, and we all obtained another notch in this movie's belt, and we did so with a professional work ethic and the fellowship of friends.

We left a little later than expected, which we always do! The car was packed, costumes adorned or stowed...batteries charged. Our journey was an hour and forty minutes away: Pawhuska and the Tallgrass Prairie.

As we made our way through the sleepy town, the Prairie gradually appeared and I began searching for the exact spot we would shoot. As we slowed to a stop alongside the road's edge, the reality of our location became apparent. Originally, I had seen this place during Winter. You could easily walk about the Prairie without any worries. Now, the grass was full and by all accounts, potentially snake filled! I will never put my crew or cast in harm's way, so I, once again, had to be creative.

We surveyed the edge of the grass near the road. This appeared safe enough, and we composed our shots in this manner: the shot was framed from above the ankle and up, the edge of the road and the ditch leading to the road was even further below the bottom most part of the scene, the camera was positioned about torso to waist level and the hills (where I had hoped to shoot) were positioned, along with sky, in the background.

The first character was Mother. Fae adorned a renaissance outfit, complete with skirt and a cloak that covered most of her face. Since we already knew that we did not have the time for Memory, we put the entirety of our effort into this one location.

Fae questioned the Celtic element in her costume, and how it fit into everything. I often confuse people with ideas such as this...the answer is part "I don't know" and part "it has meaning". Most people do not understand my mind. I see things very clearly, or at least I have definite impression of what I see. In regards to this particular instance, I believe it has vague meaning, and concrete meaning. I like the visual, for the most part. Another point of view is that the Celtic and Pagan history are rich with folklore of strong relevant women, a culture that recognizes the significance of a Mother. Unlike most of the people you will encounter in any creative process, you do not have to be concrete if you do not wish it!

I directed the scene quickly, due to the heat and the nature of the unbreathable fabrics being worn. I changed the procession, but the core of the scene remained consistent to the script.

Next we shot one scene, the first, in which the Phoenix came to life!

The wind was ferocious, and we were interrupted by the dust from truck after truck.

Finally, we shot the actual beginning scene of Awareness, just before I begin to walk toward the abandoned gas station.

We finished at Eleven, and we departed for Tulsa. After Fae was off to work, I scouted parks throughout the city. I stopped and walked about Woodward, and created a scene in my mind for my Mother's character in the Chapter of Awakening.

I met with Derick and Jes once more. We shot footage of the two of them, playing in a park. This will be one of the memories played on the television screen in that Chapter.


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