Sunday, May 28, 2006

Conan and the Puzzle

I have spoken with the owner of Cafe Cubana about shooting a scene in said establishment. Although the actual shoot is not set, I did take the initiative to complete one element required for that scene.

I met Conan at the cafe, digital camera in hand, and I set up the scene, against the wall with a table and chair, the way I wanted it to appear. This scene finds Adam in the cafe, where he finds this table and sits. He notices scattered puzzle pieces everywhere on the table. As he assembles each piece, the picture becomes clear, until he sees the picture of himself at that very same table...with an unusual character standing right behind him!

We established the shot, I set the timer and I took four photographs. I carefully placed two elements on the table that will be seen at the end of the film. There is a definite element of color in this film.

Walgreens will be able to transform my picture into the finished puzzle.

We were done in five minutes. I parted ways with Conan, and rushed down to meet Fae for lunch.


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