Sunday, August 19, 2007

8mm Clouds and Sea on the Salty Sands of Shilshole Bay

Indecisive morning came, with Patti and Fae and not enough sleep. I didn't make my goal of early morning shots with the Sankyo, and I was unsure if I could venture out with this plague of fatigue. Fortunately, we did venture out, to Green Bean for coffee replenishment (we buy our bags of coffee there, as much as possible...we have not supported Starbucks in over a year!), and on to the coast and Puget Sound. The clouds in Bothell did not follow, but I began my cloud study despite the lack of optimal clouds; 8mm, at 12 frames per second for increased speed when played back at the normal 16 fps. Not as much variance, like the 9 fps versus the normal 18 fps of Super 8, but I'll take it. This was my first 8mm footage - ever! I used my Cokin red filter, without the holder, held in place by hand in front of the lens. Then the sea caught my attention...waves crashing, in some orgasmic communique with the earth, and my lens turned downward from the sky. This time, I changed speed toward the other direction; 48 and 24 fps... slow motion. These waves, in caressing strokes, will project a graceful flick of water onto the beach, with the velvet touch of a brush stroke. For today, 25 feet are spent...


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