Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Less than a month away...

Fae is prepping for the poster and the program, I'm watching movies and networking with musicians and artists, and we have almost everything secured and in place. Yesterday marked one month until we begin.

I wanted to offer a sneak peak into what lies ahead, or what you can look forward to. This year, we have plenty of music and even more possible. Fae returns for what I believe is her third year performing, we gain the bands Tragedy Averted and Ghostship, and other musical performers may include John, and Mecca Normal from Vancouver, BC.

Our artists are still in "negotiations", but we will post this information as soon as we get it.

The films are quite exciting! I am pleased to see the array of creation, and I may have an exhibition piece to display this year. It will be a challenge to fit all of the films I want into the program, but we have additional time with the addition of the Greenwood Senior Center as our alternate Saturday afternoon venue from Noon to 3pm.

We have also secured a 6' by 6' projection screen from Northwest Film Forum. We are adding little things here and there, but we have not lost our focus on being small and focused.


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