Monday, October 01, 2007

"Colorswitch" - Super 8mm - 2005: Post is Complete!

My first Impressionist Film, "Colorswitch", has been completely finished in the final editing stage. I shot the film in early '05, and it has sat for some time, waiting for me and my Vernon 808 [editor] to begin cutting. It took a little under an hour to review, cut and splice the images together. The finished product was then reviewed, and I will watch the entire film again tomorrow before I am one-hundred percent satisfied.

I am using tape splices to secure the cuts, and I cut everything in a linear fashion, meaning I didn't move the images I cut out of sequence. I had shot them, more or less, the way I wanted them to be seen. Certain images did not convey what I wanted, so they were removed and bagged for future reference.

I call this film an Impressionist Film because it is a reflection of what I saw, felt and thought at the given moment I was inspired to create it.

My next task is to have the film cleaned and prepped here in Seattle, and then I will have the reel sent to Texas for transfer. I have decided against any music in this film.


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