Saturday, September 29, 2007

One More Day - Time to Get Started!

Tomorrow is the last day for entries, and my networking is finally over...for the most part. My main task will be to make those connections at the appropriate time so that all will fall into place. My task for today is to begin screening more movies.

Green Bean is excited about having us there once again, and I explained to Lisa that, in the event that we go elsewhere, Green Bean will always be involved somehow. I think that is important. Granted, I have had the task of, not necessarily censoring the films, but being aware of their content. I chose to do this, and it has been a careful balance. I do not want to disregard the integrity of anyone, especially the artist who submit, but I do believe this simply adds to the challenge. If I arrive at a roadblock, then I can find another venue for that film. So far, I have been able to oblige every perspective. I am far from being Christian, but Green Bean's Christian background and patrons are never an interference or a nuisance...a nice change from my former Oklahoma climate.

The Greenwood Senior Center is on board for Saturday afternoon on November 3rd from 12 Noon to 3pm. This is for our features and extra films unable to be shown at Green Bean during the two evenings. We might even have room for a musical performance!

I have a dance troupe that may become involved, and the musical performers are plentiful! Artwork is a little slow, but I have a few candidates in addition to what the Green Bean already has on display.

The next task is reviewing the films and making that decision. I'll have to get everyone on the same page and schedule the events so Fae can design and create the Program. I am hoping to expand on the Press involvement, and tacking up posters will be a big challenge as well.

So what happens next?


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