Monday, October 01, 2007

Hot Wire Coffee and Model Mayhem

Unless you're one of the wasted inhuman bastards that care little about anyone other than themselves, then don't support Hotwire Coffee.

It's bad enough that so many so-called artists these days are posers. It's also sad to know that in shitholes like Tulsa, Oklahoma, venues actually require a band to pay them to play, and it's even more sad that some untalented puppet like Oklahoma's own Carrie Underwood or Bothell's Blake Whatshisfuckingname (why can't I escape this crap?!?!) receives more attention than the truly talented and overlooked musicians that are honest and true to their music. Another thing that angers when a venue rushes a performer out the door, rudely at that. It was bad enough that the venue was a cyber cafe; it could have been a decent coffee house if it were not for the multiple computers and the help behind the counter.

While sitting in this place I will never visit again, I noticed Miss Quick and Easy, or the young blonde with go-go boots, bleached out hair, a vacant look on her face and an easy-access skirt higher than most people's belt loops. I am always amazed at how people choose to be walking stereotypes.

So this got me to thinking. I recently began using the resource known as Model Mayhem, a website devoted to all things modeling, something I despise greatly. I think it is another form of exploitation, and at the same time, I realize there is an industry with respectable people doing what they love. There's always that Catch-22, eh?

So I have to use all available resources when you create the way I do, and it challenges your ethics at times. How many young girls are out there, right now, who wrap themselves around the idea that their tits and ass are the only thing they have going for them? Do their parents teach them any better? No! Their boyfriends surely don't, the media surely doesn't and the United States of America doesn't! So why would I want to be a part of such a thing? As I said, it is a resource to someone who, by working outside of the box, is limited in said resources. Another thing is that I try not to judge a book by its cover; there are many women who choose a variety of careers involving their bodies, from modeling to exotic dancing (which is a part of a certain counterculture, which I respect), and they are fascinating and respectable people. Who am I to judge, right?

The only reason why I decided to take a look is because Joe Downing, Sid, from my short film "Water from the Mountain" is a part of it, and I also liked the layout of the website. I find it interesting to see the overabundance of starry-eyed young girls wanting to be the next centerfold. It's sad, really. I would hope that they would have more to say for themselves than trying to validate their existence by being desirable, from a purely aesthetic point of view. However, I have been surprised by the number of unique individuals that have a creative flux to their persona that screams above the nature of the modeling industry. Had I not seen these people on this site, I believe that I would not have the opportunity to work with these same people in the future.

If you look in the right places, you find magic and sincerity. The human body is beautiful, and there are so many beautiful women in the world, many of whom do not see it, or they see it through twisted eyes. But if you keep looking, the people you may have overlooked are there doing something a bit different than what you would prefer, but they are there.


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