Sunday, December 09, 2007

The American Avant Garde

At this year's Fest, our fifth festival, we had a special guest: Alex Gonzales. Alex and camera were present to document the event and interview key players in our continuing effort to support and promote art in all forms. Alex was present on behalf of one Mr. Karl Krogstad, Seattle filmmaker and mad cinematic scientist...and host of The American Avant Garde.

Fae, Hayden of the Green Bean Coffeehouse and Randy Walker and Jennifer Shainin from Mt. Vernon were all interviewed.

The last full weekend of November, I received an e-mail from one Peter Morris: "Your presence is requested." On Wednesday the 28th, I arrived at my 7:30 appointment, looking through a dimly lit neighborhood for the right house. I found myself down the correct path, through the door and meeting new strangers and then traveling down to the basement, drinking wine and signing release forms. I was interviewed. I was interviewed, questioned, and I survived. I talked to four fascinating people I have yet to hear from. The show should be released in the span of several months. I am on television again. Stay tuned...


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