Thursday, May 01, 2008

Monday, April 28th - Greenwood.

Saturday's shoot did not take place, for either film, and Monday seemed a better choice for the footage I needed for "The Pass". Fae and I embarked from Bothell, where indifferent shitheads are tearing down trees and old town charm, to Greenwood...where indifferent shitheads are tearing down trees and old town charm. The thing is, the forecast was for rain, and I couldn't shoot on Saturday due to this abnormal sunshine. So, what did I have late Monday afternoon? Yep. I just used my blue Cokin filter and toyed with a few aperture settings...a few angles later and I had my footage! Aside from titles, I am done with this one!

I have been reviewing developed film reels, of which I have more than two dozen. Not only is "This Way and That" in this collection, I also found the footage for the 2005 production of "Chasing a Rainbow" starring the magnificant Derick Snow ("snoweyes") and the enstranged Bret Mix.

I hope to shoot for "Water from the Mountain" soon. June 30th is the deadline for this year's Kurosawa competition, and I feel I may be cramming at the very last.


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