Monday, April 21, 2008

The latest word on my newest film, "The Pass".

The two reels have undergone the editing process. A careful examination of each scene and every shot has revealed the wonder of this film production, in both the day it took place and the company in which the script was played. I am very excited about this film.

Tonight, I took another look over the footage to replace a few splices that I have been unhappy about. As I am winding back and forth, I noticed a scene in which Dylan walked through the door of the Green Bean, as a logo on a truck appears clearly in the background – cut, cut, splice.

The splices are delicate, and a steady hand and a feel for the maneuver are needed. It doesn’t always go well, but I am happy with the cuts I have made.

The next step is one that brings me to closer to another goal, the completion of my other project, “Water from the Mountain”. Plans have been made for this Saturday, to shoot the final scene needed for “The Pass”, preceded by the second to last shoot for “WFTM”, which will take place at Shilshole Beach.

This raises my excitement, as not only three new films reach fruition, but three new Super 8 films. With the completion of the final two, “Colorswitch” will finally join them as all are transferred.


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