Sunday, March 09, 2008

Plowing Through and Forward

A great many things have happened since my last visit to blogland. I have regained my status as lone, roving wanderer, a nod to my Bohemian self. I’ve walked the downtown streets and captured art and circumstance, I spoke with the homeless and saw hope in spite of tragedy, and I found the flicker of Seattle. I have been renewed only to grow weary and uninspired again…sigh. The path of the artist…

I attempted the RPM Challenge, and almost succeeded. I changed from a miked amp configuration to a direct application and recorded a dissonant orchestral opus of thirty-seven minutes…it was then I realized that I forgot to change the input setting on the VCR (on which the recording was to be captured), and thus, nothing was recorded. In addition, my old relic of a drum machine blew up on me. Despite this challenge, I will continue to record.

I still have not viewed the footage from “The Pass”, my latest Super 8 short film. This will come in the next few days. My idea of cranking out film after film is not going as swimmingly as I had hoped. Nonetheless, my goal of having this new film complete by month end is sound, and I look forward to seeing the results.

I have not heard from Brett despite repeated attempts to contact him. First and foremost, I am worried about his well-being. On the other hand, this does not bode well for “Solid”. As money falls into place, I can shoot the final scenes. After that, I don’t know what to do.

Fae is in Tulsa, dealing with family misfortune that is slowly becoming positive. I search the Net, trying to lay down a foundation of friends and colleagues and yet my projects don’t quite seem big enough to occupy their time as of yet. I need a good interpersonal drama to stimulate their talents. My problem is that I am so visual.

I took my reel to reel into NW Audio yesterday. After Fed-Ex busted the hell out of it, these guys will be able to fix it, and then I can record my music and poetry the way I want. It made me reflect on how much of a dying trend these skills and the related equipment have become. Even with the resurgence of the old equipment, the newbies are still liable to throw the device away if it is broken rather than have it fixed. I am doing the same, and looking into a new drum machine, although I am still keeping the old.

After that, I went down to Green Bean and bought some fresh coffee. Ahhhh, the smell is so great, I want to eat it! I had a bit of lunch and a cup of coffee, and then I made my way to Shilshole. I taped a few scenes and helped a stranded motorist before returning to the Bean. Now I sit, disillusioned and tired, as usual. I have so many things to do. My immediate struggle is how to promote the festival in its own community.


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