Saturday, February 09, 2008

Plans for Today: The 2008 Festival

I want to take the Festival a notch higher this year, so I have a few ideas in mind to make it more "marketable" without being a used car salesman. I think my biggest problem is press and awareness; the press isn't going to look at me any other way than half-assed, and I don't have a street team. The other point that I have heard over the years is this thing about 'free' admission. It seems that the theory is, no one will waste his or her time on something 'free', because if it's free then it isn't worth anything. I don't know who came up with this incredibly stupid notion, but then again I can see, through example, where it might have some weight. My solution is not to bend with my mission statement, but to curve the interpretation a little; I will place a dollar figure on the event, as a suggested donation to a charity. I'm open to anyone and everyone's insight or opinion.

While I am at Green Bean today, I am going to take advantage of the nearby venues and see if I can expand on the overall proceeding in November. I like the Greenwood community and I believe in it. So today I will be doing a little legwork that brings me closer to my goal of having the major parameters of this year's Festival set by month's end.

I have submitted a commentary on last year's Fest along with my reflection over the last five years to my 'webmaster', Fae. The new call for entries will be announced soon.


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