Monday, January 28, 2008

Proof of Accomplishment

I witnessed "Once" this evening, a film on the fringe of brilliant and equally exciting. It was all in the approach: no "actors", no excessive budget, loosely directed and produced, and a script that reads more like a guide than a set parameter. The behind-the-scenes was remarkable. I do, truly believe, that the wave of the new generation of film will originate from these [type of] people. A film without restriction, allowing the dream to flow. This renews my already optimistic hope.

I tried and did not shoot any footage today for a piece titled "Spring in Winter". I have been waiting for snow, yet it is very hard to get people together for such a feat. I doubt very seriously that tomorrow will be any different. This means that the film will be made without the stark white background I was hoping for. I think, much like striking the wrong note in a performance, you just have to keep playing.

I'm out of money, out of film and damn glad that I have the camcorder!


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