Sunday, March 16, 2008

Additional Venue

I acquired an alternate venue for our local music showcase occurring this November, and I wanted a possible second, maybe even a third location for movies, performances and awards. After riding high with the news of our after party location, I spent a weekend in Victoria where a good friend, Joe Higgins, agreed to play on the 14th. With that came the possibility of two more of our good friends that said they would come down and perform. I think we will have many returning favorites this year.

I spoke with a local theater about Sunday, November 16th. It took some time to get a response, and I was very excited to receive such. We spoke about the event and the details, only to arrive at the roadblock of their requirement for liability insurance. This was puzzling to me, since most establishments of this nature carried insurance for their building; why would I supply the same? The other thing is, I am not a business nor am I a nonprofit. The final nail in the coffin was the rental fee for four hours time. The rate was beyond our means, and to me, it was not a reasonable fee for the time allowed. I am certain there are allowances to insure their operation, and yet the fact remains that such a price kills our operation. The final word is, we are still looking.


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