Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Long Road

"Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds."
- Albert Einstein

Aside from the lack of people, in the general public as well as the world of cinema, that can think outside of the box, I am finding it difficult to find outlets for my first two films. They are not the greatest films of all time, but they are excellent films and they need to be seen.

I have arrived at my predicted scenario, whereas my films would be well received in the underground scenes or even smaller sub-scenes of the underground. This is okay with me. I already have a small following with the films here in Tulsa. I would rather have a small group of people that enjoy and appreciate them, than a larger group of people that only journey halfway into the film. Watching a film is a journey, and you have to go all the way!

So, I am looking for these underground/microbudget outlets, and I am finding that some have disappeared! On a more positive note, I may be able to send "Adam and Yvette" to London, and another television show in Ohio is accepting films for an art show. The possibilities are there.

I still am amused by the complacency of minds coiled in their comfortable ball. And there is always someone that believes that because they say it, then it must be so. They are so eager to tear someone down, instead of lifting them up. There is great pride in being able to encourage someone. I know this, because I have done it. I do present myself with pride and self-assurance, not in a pretentious manner. Unfortunately, that is often confused. So, this becomes an opportunity for those who exist to breathe the negative. It seems that there is only one method, one idea, one opinion that is "so obviously" the only one that matters. This is a sad thing, especially when one is dealing with artists. I think that prejudice still exists in many forms, today; if someone presents a presence that deviates from the normality, then the bigots of that said field or ideal are prone to eradicate the impurity, usually through scorn and neglect. Like I said, one such field is the arts, and there are some pretentious bastards in this bourgeois scene.

It does not matter. I have a vision, and that sustains me. I find peace in my creations, and in the purest of hearts in those who deliver positive energy flow. The World needs a Revolution, and the mediocre will not triumph.


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