Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Super Eight Surrealism

The festival has died for the waning year of 2004, and both of my completed works, Adam and Yvette and The Lightswitch Fades respectively, have made their way onto the Net. Aside from continued efforts at festival exposure and a few minor changes to Lightswitch, those days are now over. So, where do we go from here?

What is truly my first film, This Way and That, has yet to undergo the editing process. It is an interesting film that will be discussed in more detail at a later time, nonetheless, it has been a long road filled with multiple shoots taking place at various times over the past several years with a variety of people. That process may not be over!

Presently, I have, literally, dozens of film ideas and scripts that are ready and waiting for their director. I have to finish the aforementioned film so that I can move on to the second part of the trilogy in which it belongs. Make sense? And then of course there are the "other" films and my passion for Super 8.

I produced the first two films on 8mm video. Although I believe that celluloid would have been better, the advantage of video assisted with the circumstances encountered on each set. Furthermore, it provided a foundation for the next series of films.

At the core, Blue November Creations and Captain Chambers relies on the antiquated techniques of the cinema age. Super 8 is the tool. Using reversal stock eliminates the extra cost and process of work prints and negatives, and it is inexpensive in regards to other film stocks. Even Regular 8mm is available, and at my disposal.

I am trying to finalize my arsenal, by either acquiring the cameras I need or by repairing or assessing those that I already have. Since I am approaching the point whereas all my funds available for film production are reserved for film stock and processing, the purchase of cameras does not make the "to do" list, unless the $1 camera at a thrift store or garage sale should arise. The disadvantage here, is that these are used cameras. Their inner workings, if working at all, are worn and aged. This creates many problems since I am not a candidate for "Repairman of the Year".

I have been searching for certain things to use as my palette. I may have found a source for Foma Pan R100, a silver-oxide 8mm film stock that should produce a very desirable black and white image. I am also experimenting with various ideas for cameras, and even more alternate methods for creating effects on little or no budget.

I have a vision, of writing, producing and directing over 200 films, both short and feature. I have new concepts to share and they will be some of the first. Film is alive and well in the digital age, so long as its Masters are able to see.


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