Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Middle of the Week

So I am behind on my entries to the Blog, I am desperately trying to catch up on reading, movie watching and learning new things, not to mention creativity! I find sleep an elusive and fascinating thing that seems to creep up on me, and then attacks before I have a chance to study it. The Holidays are here and I have so many tasks ahead of me in the days to come. I have very few wants or needs, but they still add up. I am trying to assess my real needs as a filmmaker, and then the secondary needs and the wants will be taken care of in time. This is a difficult thing considering that certain visuals in my mind require certain things that I do not have. Musically, I am trying to be simplistic and minimalistic, and still retain what I want. I know that I will not be a dynamic guitarist and musician, but I will be a musician nonetheless. I am looking at costs and quality and versatility...three things that rarely meet. I like the idea, the look and the feedback of the Yorkville and Ashdown bass amps, but I am looking at either the Yorkville or a Tech 21. Again, these two may still be too pricey, so I have recently looked at the new Roland Cube amps, after I talked to a gentleman who was playing Jazz at the Philbrook. He played the new Cube 60 with a Gibson archtop. It sounded bloody fantastic! I can't help but to be a gearhead. So, I looked at the Cube Bass by Roland and it seems to be a nice amp for much less in the money department. I am working on honing my skills a bit further before I look at this seriously. As for the filmmaking ventures, I am currently prepping on a few different projects, including a set using materials that I secured recently for free! I am also looking at filters for my next project. I have to replace my tripod, my Cokin filter system and I have to assess my camera situation. I have yet to find my signature camera. This seems silly to some, but it is the same thing with musicians and their "Number One". I am shooting some footage this Saturday at a Tony Romanello concert. I plan on shooting other footage, and soon. I have yet to decide on the subject or project. I just saw the Aldo Nova video for "Fantasy", which was everything cool about movies from the Eighties, complete with Uzi Gunmen, a helicopter and Aldo Nova breaking into a locked building with a laser blast from his Les Paul! Did I mention the leopard cat suit he was wearing? This gives me ideas! Aside from that, my wish list is not long. It just takes time, and I am using my time wisely until then. I am looking forward to editing and using my Regular 8mm camera. I am working on a few ideas with Mr. Mix, and I am always writing...just not on my Blog, it seems! Well, that is all for now. Captain out.


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