Monday, January 31, 2005


At last, a fondest farewell to "Adam and Yvette" first short film stayed for quite some time in the MOST WATCHED list on Undergroundfilm.Org, and now has slipped off the radar. We reached as high as Number Four!

So what now?

I have to say that the world is opening up for possibility. Both short films are currently residing in Indianapolis. Four sets of BNC Press Kits, along with the two short films, are on their way to New York, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Tomorrow, I will send a copy of "The Lightswitch Fades" to a Portland magazine publisher, and I will also be sending copies to my old friend Rock Savage in Maryland for his unique fest, Cinema A Go Go. If you want to see a dedicated independent director, then check out Rock at the Savage Film Group.

We are only beginning. It is difficult to see films with juvenile sexual references in its title receive more "airtime" than the truly credible films offered. Despite the lack of intelligence in its viewers, I am proud to be a continuing part of Undergroundfilm.Org.

I continue with the Super 8 editing process on several films. I have had to deal with issues that I could not deal with until the proper time. The learning experience is neverending.

I am proud to watch these films. As I continue to create, and as I send these little creations out into the world, I am truly proud. Parents, and their children...


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