Thursday, January 06, 2005

New Film Update

I have been writing on a number of projects, including one of two feature projects (which will have a working title soon!). My short film projects include The Submariner, Solitary Pedestrian, My Tulsa, Serenity and The Deathbed of Planetary Sleep. I could name a few more, but you get the idea.

As of today, I have completed my first Impressionist Film, Colorswitch. I shot the two and a half minutes of footage this past Monday afternoon. I was on the patio, smoking a pipefull and having a Bass Ale, and I was thinking (which I often do while smoking my Savinelli). These images came to me from simple 'impressions' and observations of my surroundings. The result was a series of motion images captured on Kodachrome 40. This is the first of an entire collection of films in the Impressionistic style. The next step is developing and editing, and then transferring the footage to DVD.

Stay tuned.


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