Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Leading up to "Solid"

I can not remember when the idea was born; all I know is the story came to me when I started thinking of the actor, Matthew Truelove. Matthew is an obscure under-the-underground free form slam-daddy of a poet. He is a man of social and ecological conscious. He was more publicized in the old Gypsy days, and was plugged frequently by another amazing dude of prose, Michael Levell. As he did then, he still carries a jug of water wherever he goes. I had the chance on December 29th of last year to see Matthew perform again at a new coffeehouse venue on Brookside. I discussed the idea of casting him in this film that had been growing in intensity inside my head.

His enthusiasm at the idea sparked a surge of ideas, and on January 12th of this year, I met dear Matthew and gave him his "homework assignment". I defined six different characters that represented different ideas or states. I then asked him to write on each, individually and separate of any notion of the film. I returned one week later to retrieve this new document. Even though I will write the script, I look to Matthew's words as research, inspiration and insight into his mind. The goal I am trying to reach is a script written by me, but for him.

I had written an opening dialogue prior to this meeting. Only recently, I have revised that intro.

This past weekend was spent with Fae in Osage Hills State Park at a cabin in the woods surrounded by wildlife, dead silence and cold air. We were able to refresh and relax and it was a perfect time for us both to create. There, I completed my initial notes derived from Matthew's work. The foundation was set for the script.

I wanted to open the scene in a wooded den, with a sofa and fireplace. I am currently seeking this set location. Another location I want for this project is an abandoned gas station. It has to be barren and without logos or slogans. The way America works, even though you might be doing free advertising for a product [that may find its way onto film], they still will charge you for use of that image, and I'm not paying the corporate bastards anything!

So, I asked around for a suitable filling station and I received a lead on Highway 82, South of Salina. After traveling for some distance, I decided to turn around after demolition duelly drivers tried desperately to run the Phoenix aground, and the fact that I was nearly in Talequah made me think that I had gone too far. So I made my way to 412 and headed back to Tulsa. I logged 100 miles from my after work trip! I later found that the gas station was only a few miles North of Salina. I will travel again this week.

I will be adding more as all things progress. Captain out.


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