Monday, January 31, 2005

"Solid" roadtrips and "Solid" denial!

Several weeks ago, I embarked on a journey to find an abandoned gas station for the first vignette in the feature film "Solid". I drove East of Claremore, through Pryor and into and through Salina, heading South on Highway 82. I traveled for nearly an hour stopping in Peggs just before I would reach Talequah. I saw nothing...and I was pretty far South. Too many banjos on the wind....

So I returned North enough to reach 412 and I set a course for Tulsa. One hundred miles. I traveled one hundred miles in that afternoon. No gas station.

About two weeks ago, I am traveling back from a wonderful retreat with Fae; we left Bartlesville, devouring pavement on Highway 75. There are rolling hills everywhere. I saw these hills as the perfect location for the Mother scene of "Solid". Fences. I sometimes have to fight the urge...I sometimes have to be a responsible Pirate, even though I don't want to. We could easily slip in, shoot and slip out. Sigh...

So I see a number on a sign somewhere in Skiatook. I call. I tell my story and wait for "Skeeter", the ranch owner, to ask stupid questions...instead he reads me a list of things he will need [signed] in order for him to review it! He needed insurance forms, statements, declarations, a lock of hair, a note from my Mother and magic beans. Too intense for what this needs to be. This redneck idiot ignored my explanation of how "my crew and cast would be small and there would not be any vehicles or equipment on the property". I will find someone else, or I will use State Parks. Simple as that!

Today, I made the trek to Mayes County, once again, in search of the elusive gas station. I discovered that it was an old highway on the West side of the lake and not on 82. We turned North and soon discovered the place. A small house at a junction, white-washed wooden tree swing, ornate flowers and garden, and two antique gas pumps that seemed as if they could operate...and a giant Phillips 66 sign. Unfortunately, I can not use this with the house, but the scene was very interesting. Not to be discouraged, my Dad (and passenger) and I returned; I will begin the search again tomorrow!


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