Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Blue November "Bible"

During the creative process of "Solid", I find my trusty Bible to be of great value. Before the Holy Rolling Stones begin to rock, I must assure you that this is not any mere Bible. This is the book in which my creative playground can live and breathe and fire becomes a living thing, the Moon is a close friend and the stars twinkle with music. I have made notes from my earliest film thoughts to the most recent. There are notes and sketches from my experience at the Remington exhibit in the Gilcrease Museum, and there are notes on Stomp at the Brady. This is the book where all of my ideas and influences, cinematically speaking, come to life.

The BNC Bible is my tool for reaching many of my goals, including my goal to become the most prolific filmmaker of all time. I have set the bar at two hundred films. Those films will come to see the pages of my Book.

I have remembered a piece that was to be titled "Inside Out", written in my book for a distant project that had yet to be developed. That idea was never sketched, but the image is still there. I am currently transferring that idea to the climax of "Solid". In the interest of secrecy, I will say only will accompany an ice bath.


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